Horizon 2020

Funding Scheme

RIA – Research and Innovation Action

Project Number


Starting Date

1 March 2021


48 Months




Urban Observatory for Multi-participatory Enhancement of Health and Wellbeing

Project Description

The EU-funded URBANOME project aims to build a common EU framework to comprehensively evaluate multi-sector policies in urban settings in support of the ‘health in all policies’ approach of the WHO.

The project’s overall objective is to promote urban health, well-being and liveability by integrating health concerns in urban policies and the activities of urban citizens, on the basis of detailed and comprehensive evidence on environmental health determinants, their spatial distribution in the city and the social distribution of their impact among different population groups, accounting for different lifestyles and behaviours.

ViLabs Contribution

We monitor the dissemination and communication activities of URBANOME, and we address the exploitation and sustainability of the project’s outcomes. In addition, we are responsible for the innovation management of URBANOME throughout its lifecycle, as well as for the drafting of a standardisation strategy applying to its work processes and the expected outcomes.

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