Horizon 2020

Funding Scheme

RIA – Research and Innovation action

Project Number


Starting Date

1 January 2020


39 Months




Unification of treatments and Interventions for Tinnitus patients

Project Description

Tinnitus is the perception of a phantom sound, and this debilitating condition affects more than 10 % of the general population. Recent studies show that tinnitus prevalence increases over time and with older age, while a variety of patient characteristics such as genotype and aetiology are poorly understood. There is no current consensus on tinnitus treatment.

The EU-funded UNITI project aims to develop a predictive computational model based on longitudinal data and to address the question of which treatment approach is optimal for specific patient cases. Clinical, epidemiological, genetic and audiological data will be analysed using existing databases. Predictive factors for different patient groups will be defined, and their prognostic value will be tested in a clinical trial with different groups of patients undergoing different therapies targeting the auditory and central nervous systems.

ViLabs Contribution

We are in charge of the dissemination, communication and exploitation actions of the project, supporting the proliferation of its impact.

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