Training & Capacity Building

Knowledge as a powerful investment for success!

Τraining and capacity-building activities for skills development, empowerment and knowledge acquisition!


ViLabs collaborates with specialised research organizations, mainly through European-funded projects, and provides educational and training activities tailored for institutions, special social groups, and individuals, while constantly pursuing inclusiveness and high quality for its training services. ViLabs provides a variety of expert training programs in many different innovation sectors, to equip organisations with the necessary tools for skills development and growth.

More specifically, training and capacity-building services include:

  • Organisation of thematic workshops and participatory capacity-building events, to effectively provide the necessary skills and systematic assistance on project implementation and coordination.
  • Co-creation of webinars and courses on e-learning platforms, according to the objectives of specific tasks and projects.

Indicatively, ViLabs has delivered training and capacity-building services within the following projects:

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