Touristic Promotion of Central Macedonia

Contracting Authority

Region of Central Macedonia


National Resources

Starting Date

20 July 2020


10 Months


Touristic Promotion of the Region of Central Macedonia

Public Tender Description

The objective of this tender is the identification and creation of remarkable and unique experiences, and thematic touristic products for Central Macedonia. Aiming to upgrade the travel experience of those who visit the Region and to spread the tourists flow, the tender seeks to highlight specialized and attractive activities creating new products and services, based on a series of thematic travel experiences/activities in specific areas across Central Macedonia. It will also draft a catalogue of touristic packages to prompt an increase in relevant B2B sales (i.e., fairs, family trips, destination specialist programs, travel trade workshops, and online travel agencies).

ViLabs Contribution

ViLabs is assigned with a series of interlinked actions, listed as follows:

  • Creation of 7 thematic travel experiences, one for each Prefecture of the Region
  • Creation of a 3D representation of Olympus
  • Panoramic Photos
  • Production and Editing of text and content
  • Translation of content in 2 languages
  • Supply and installation of 200 Beacons
  • Guidance chart of tourist roundabouts from the port to points of interest and return
  • Capturing best practices internationally
  • Capturing the intangible heritage of Central Macedonia
  • Capturing Organizations that can contribute to the narrative
  • Creating aggregators with Application Programming Interfaces (cognitive/big data systems)
  • Writing a study with specific proposals for the utilization (digital and physical) of the cultural heritage and its integration into the touristic offer
  • Creating a Microsite on the existing website
  • Content promotion and content enrichment activities
  • Design and digital display of cultural routes between the regions of the Region with the participation of cultural organizations, civil society organizations, tourism organizations and businesses
  • Development of a Web App
  • Audiovisual productions for the projection of events
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