The CALIPER project features in the EU leaflet on “Bridging the gender gap in STEM.

Women in the sector of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), are notably underrepresented. The CALIPER project, led by ViLabs, aims at reversing this equation, bringing gender balance to the participating research organisations. Strengthening female scientists working in the STEM field paves the way for a more equal academic and research community. In addition, gender equality in academia and research reflects to other correlated social challenges Europe faces, like the twin green and digital transitions.

In this vein, the European Union has published a leaflet, promoting the H2020 funded projects that contribute to “Bridging the gender gap in STEM”, and the CALIPER project was among the 8 selected projects to be included in the leaflet.  

The CALIPER project, through its inclusive Gender Equality plans, envisages enhancing the gender balance in STEM fields and promoting a greater engagement of female researchers with research and innovation, contributing to the ERA priorities on Gender Equality and stimulating  dialogue and collaboration between academia, public authorities, professionals, and industry players in order to tackle gender inequalities across the research- transfer-to-market chain.

As ViLabs, we are proud of our work and our partners and we are happy that our contribution to creating a gender equal STEM community is recognised!

Read the leaflet here!

Visit our project CALIPER here!

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