Economist – Project Manager

Kyriaki being passionate about achieving a more (gender) equal society can help you in developing your project-idea towards this goal.


Kyriaki is a project manager at ViLabs. Currently is pursuing a second master’s degree in Gender, Society and Politics from Panteion University (Greece) and holds a MSc degree in Economics and Management from Aarhus University (Denmark) and a BSc in Economics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece).
Kyriaki started her professional career in Thessaloniki where she worked for the preparation and implementation of national and international projects in the fields of regional development and entrepreneurship. She has worked for the Danish Technological Institute, one of the leading Research and Technology Institutes in Denmark, for the preparation and implementation of Horizon 2020 projects in various technology fields. Before joining Vilabs for working for the Caliper and GE Academy projects she had been the Call and Evaluation Coordinator for the Eurostars programme in Brussels. Thus, having an experience from both sides of the EU funding cycle Kyriaki can help you develop and implement successfully your research project.

Kyriaki loves CrossFit and running!