Horizon 2020

Funding Scheme

RIA – Research & Innovation Action

Project Number


Starting Date

1 January 2019


39 Months




A Universal Security Toolkit for the cyber protection of Health IT Ecosystem and patient data privacy and integrity

Project Description

As healthcare becomes reliant on digital technology in service provision, it has recently seen an increased risk of cyberattacks regarding medical data, denial-of-service attacks and ransomware. This makes healthcare institutions, which are complex organisations, extremely vulnerable to failures. A holistic cybersecurity vulnerability assessment toolkit that will fight threats from unknown devices or services has become a critical necessity.

The EU-funded SPHINX project will ensure the cyber protection of the health IT ecosystem for patient data privacy and integrity by developing a Universal Cyber Security Toolkit. Based on an automated zero-touch device and service verification, the toolkit will be ready to be integrated with existing health infrastructures. SPHINX will offer solutions for various use cases and scenarios.

ViLabs Contribution

We are responsible to plan and verify the exploitation potential, prioritizing every strategy that aims to propose new innovative services and business models to the market during and beyond the end of the project progress. We also support the identification and involvement of all the relevant stakeholder categories and assess the benefit that they can acquire from the project outcomes; while we develop and help implement the dissemination and communication strategy of SPHINX.

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