Social Innovation

Addressing unmet social needs and challenges, focusing on behavioural change that leads to social innovation.


The European Commission has called on Member States to prioritise social investment and to modernise their welfare states, by deploying active inclusion strategies and encouraging market uptake of innovative solutions and stimulate employment, through a challenge-based approach, to bring together resources and knowledge across different fields, technologies and disciplines.

ViLabs applies traditional and innovative methods, to address those challenges:

  • Investigation and mapping of present challenges and tensions in social innovation
  • Participatory and co-creation approaches, to enhance active engagement of citizens and public actors
  • Participatory and co-design approaches building on people’s views, ideas and perceptions
  • Training and capacity building methodologies to skill and upskill for developing social innovation concepts
  • Communication of best practices of social innovation, adaptation and testing in various contexts
  • Policy recommendations to improve, refine and reshape past and new approaches in social innovation

Related to Social Innovation, ViLabs offers the following services:

Relevant EU-funded projects


Relevant Scientidic Publications and Initiatives


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