Project management, advisory services, budgeting and financial management

Proposal Management

  • Administrative and financial management services for the preparation and submission of proposals for EU and national funding.
  • Support in consortium definition, industry participation, etc.
  • Organisation/hosting of electronic meetings via the “GoTo Meeting” tool (including meeting minutes).
  • Support public and private entities in search of European or national funding opportunities for their research and innovation interests or commercial activities.
  • Prepare a suitable proposal template, including a detailed description of the partner input requirements.
  • Partner input coordination and collection.
  • Advise on management and work package structures.
  • Draft support for Project Management and Dissemination sections.
  • Contact with the EC and National Contact Points for feedback.
  • Critically, monitoring the proposal adherence to EC guidelines and relevant deadlines.
  • Partner guidance regarding EC requirements.
  • Coordination and support regarding budget preparation.
  • Document polishing
  • Expert input at every stage of the proposal development, from the initial assessment to the final polish.
  • Final review of the completed proposal by an experienced scientific writer with knowledge of the European Commission requirements and European research landscape.
  • Language editing by a native English speaker with a science background.

Funding Programmes

Consortium building

Building project teams and communicating expectations to team members and stakeholders.

Project Management

ViLabs can guarantee that all WPs and tasks that lead are implemented smoothly and at the best possible quality. In the meantime, ViLabs is committed to all managerial and implementation project activities. Internally ViLabs can provide task schedule to plan time and budget as well as during the implementation of research and innovation projects (RIA and IA) and coordination and support actions (CSAs). ViLabs can guarantee the best possible quality administrative and financial management, following the appropriate risk management and quality assurance required.

Pilot Deployment and Evaluation

ViLabs can organise pilots to set up, define the validation metrics for measuring and determine how target goals will be reached based on the assessment methodology, monitor and evaluate pilot progress and results. ViLabs can also assess the market, environmental, societal impact of the project.