Exploitation and Innovation

ViLabs may outline the plan that defines the innovative approach and the innovative elements of the expected outcomes, monitor, and assures through specific actions that the project’s innovative aspects will sustain after the end of one project.

Business Plan

ViLabs through the extensive experience of its core team and external experts in research and innovation projects provides advisory services for the conceptualisation of an idea into a feasible implementation plan. The services include state of the art research, conceptualisation design and development, selection of business models, preliminary business plan and preparation and presentation of feasibility studies and implementation work plans.

ViLabs has been leading the exploitation activities and produced the sustainability plan for the following projects:

Our Business Model

All our services to companies and organisations are tailored to their needs and charge person/hours according to the difficulty and challenge of each case and the quality of experts that will be required.

We offer our services to entrepreneurs and inventors-researchers with the following options:

  • All services are funded by ViLabs, with the right for the company to acquire a percentage of the product or service Intellectual Property Rights. The percentage can be negotiated and agreed with the interested party.
  • All services are charged in person/hours and are paid either from the interested party or from external funding resources that will allocate.
  • A combination of the two above.