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Athens is the capital city of Greece. With a population of approximately 4 million, it is the largest city in Greece and the 7th largest city in the European Union. The City of Athens constitutes the core administrative unit of the Municipality of Athens, and coordinates several municipal agencies across all the relevant sectors of metropolitan life (e.g., public spaces and infrastructure, civil services, ICT domains, etc.)

ViLabs works with Athens Development & Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) for URBANOME project and with City of Athens IT Company (DAEM) for AI4PublicPolicy project.


Nicosia is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. It is the administrative centre of the country but also its commercial, educational and cultural centre. Nicosia is a divided city, the last divided capital in Europe. A significant concentration of Academic and Research Establishments (7 in total) are situated in the urban area of Nicosia. Technological, social, resource-efficiency and other innovations are strongly embedded in different sector-specific policies and projects of Nicosia’s Municipality strategy.

ViLabs partners with the Nicosia Municipality in AI4PublicPolicy project.


The 5th Health Regional Authority of Thessaly and Sterea is a National Organization responsible for administering all public body health organizations that operate in two large regions of Central Greece (Thessaly and Sterea). These include 13 Hospitals (1 of which is a University Hospital) in 10 major cities and 60 Primary Care – Health Centers (urban and rural areas), covering a population of 2 million people.

ViLabs has worked together with the 5th Health Regional Authority of Thessaly and Sterea in SPHINX project.


The Metropolitan Municipality of Hatay counts around 4000 employees in 18 different departments, more than 70 engineers and have an R&D department of 6 experts responsible for 1,500,000 inhabitants and 460,000 refugees. The municipality has launched projects on botanical park design and implementation, public parks, urban parks, urban horticulture parks, organic farming, food governance and food security, water governance and water security.

ViLabs and Hatay Municipality have collaborated on SiEUGreen project.

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