Public Sector Support

Fostering a digitalised, smart, efficient and citizen-cetric public sector!

Reaching critical success factors and addressing societal issues aligned with the EU Smart Specialization Strategy!


Enlarged budgets and transformation demands in governmental and public initiatives, set high standards for public entities, while simultaneously, high statistical rates on public project failures urge for reformations. ViLabs assists in critical success factors, such as detailed planning, precise requirements acknowledgement and top management support, by providing holistic packages of technical services for Public Sector Entities.

Services are aligned with the EU Smart Specialisation Strategy, which provides an integrated economic transformation agenda, prioritising local needs and challenges, providing experienced political support, investing in each area’s opportunities, strengths, and comparative advantages while ensuring the engagement of relevant stakeholders and private sector investment motives.

More specifically, our holistic package of services for Public Sector entities consists of:

  • Proposal writing for development projects funded by European and/or national framework programs and subsequent coordination of their implementation.
  • Targeted delivery of economic and technical reports, evaluation reports, and case studies, regarding the feasibility and sustainability of Investment Proposals, as well as situational mapping and evaluation of indicators.
  • Organisation of educational and capacity-building training sessions, custom to target audiences’ needs as specified by experience on relative projects.
  • Rigorous publicity actions and communication campaigns, including organization of meetings and event planning services, conferences, communication, printed and digital informative materials

Public Sector support services are addressed to local, regional and national institutional entities such as Central Administrations (Ministries, Regions), Independent Authorities, Local Self Governments, Public Entities, Private Legal Entities, Public Utility Organizations, NGOs, Social Partners, etc.

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