VIRTA is a cloud-based and mobile community building platform that it is offered as Software as a Service to owners of public spaces, sports arenas, stadiums etc. VIRTA proposes a set of complimentary services and builds and sustains a community of users/fans around the public space and let the community upload, view, comment and search the multimedia content of their experiences. VIRTA creates a 360 view of public space, with a unique view perspective created by multimedia (video and photos) generated by the users/fans. Available gamification technics (Leaderboard, badges and campaigns) can provide incentives and keep the user active and committed. New marketing channels are open with additional advertisement space, new and more direct communication channels and online ticketing services that can provide direct profit and value to the public space owners.

Virta was one (1) of the 21 out of 834 candidates from all around the world who won the status of semi-finalists and at Webit StartUp Village of the Congress. Here are the names of the Global Webit StartUp Challenge Semi-Finalists (check here for ViLabs!)

virta platform pitcing

ViLabs CEO Virta pitching @ Webit congress 2013

virta platform interview

Interview of ViLabs Virta product @ Webit congress 2013