Innovation Support

Expanding your idea and transforming it into a product or service! 


ViLabs seeks to bridge the gap between conceiving an idea and transforming it into a product or service by providing a package of entrepreneurship and innovation services to support scientists and researchers in realizing their vision and putting their idea into practice. With extensive experience in supporting research results, showcasing their innovation potential, as well as in highlighting and promoting software applications, Vilabs acts both as a private research organisation and an innovation hub for start-ups, while being a proud member of the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) and a Startup Europe Ambassador in Greece.

ViLabs assists projects, start-ups, researchers and inventors by providing a series of key services such as:

  • Delivery of sustainability and exploitation assessment so that products and services provided by startups can be efficiently transferred to the market.
  • Organisation of custom trainings for start-ups including workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions to enhance their market entry capabilities and uptake.
  • Preparation of weeks of acquaintance and familiarity with the ecosystems of support for start-ups (Deep dive weeks) leveraging on the extensive company’s network of industry stakeholders.
  • Creation of organised business and marketing plans.
  • Provision of co-working spaces and logistic resources to promising startups.

Especially, when it comes to EU funded projects, ViLabs can support the vast and active engagement of startups, those that drive innovation, for the design, early adoption and validation of the project’s main outcomes and their experimentation, extension and increase of their impact to society.

ViLabs has made an important contribution to business development and entrepreneurship advancement through its participation in the following projects:

StartUp Lighthouse
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