IBiSEAit | Municipality of Lagadas

Contracting Authority

Municipality of Lagadas


ΙNTERREG Greece – North Macedonia 2014 – 2020

Starting Date

28 December 2018


35 Months



Increase innovative Business in Sea, Environment, Agriculture & IT

Public Tender Description

IBiSEAit works on the creation of a Pre-Incubator in the areas participating in the project for the hosting of new innovative enterprises in a way that utilizes the infrastructure, the characteristics and the advantages of the cross-border area. Within the framework of the IBiSEAit project, special actions are implemented in order to promote the Pre-Incubator, which aim at utilizing the local potential in order to lead to the further development of the local economy and the creation of a new business centre. Such actions are promotional events, information and education actions, etc. The project is supported by the Interreg IPA Cross Border Cooperation Program Greece – North Macedonia 2014-2020.

ViLabs Contribution

ViLabs supports the Management and Coordination of the work of the Municipality of Lagada as a partner of the project IBiSEAit, while it is responsible for recording the Incubator’s current status and for coordinating the preparatory actions for the continuation of the IBiSEAit results and outcomes after the project’s completion.

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