Gender Equality Plans as a driver of structural change: The CALIPER project

The recent adoption of the Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) as an eligibility criterion set by the European Commission for public bodies, higher education institutions and research organisations to access to European funding speeded up the process of mainstreaming gender in the institutional processes But what is a GEP and why is it deemed necessary to be adopted by the institutions? Let’s have a closer look at it.

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) a GEP is “a set of commitments and actions that aim to promote gender equality in an organisation through a process of structural change” and considered since 2015 one of the main policy instruments and key drivers for achieving institutional change towards gender equality in the European Research Area in Europe (Council of the European Union 2015).

ViLabs, demonstrates a longstanding experience in coordination and management of gender equality projects and actively contributes to this goal, as the coordinator and the dissemination, exploitation and sustainability leader of the results of the Horizon 2020 CALIPER project which aims at realising gender equality in research and academia through the development and implementation of inclusive GEPs. In particular, ViLabs, capitalises its gender expertise, to assist 9 European Research Performing and Funding Organisations involved in the project to design and implement their tailored inclusive GEPs.

Two and a half years into the project and one after the GEPs being put in effect, important gender equality activities have been implemented promoting a greater engagement of female researchers with research and innovation, leading to changes and structural enhancements at involved partners! Examples include the establishment of gender equality offices at the CALIPER partner institutions,  the production of promotional videos featuring female role models in STEM field to raise awareness and generate debate about the gender inequality issues in STEM fields and the development of tailored sections at their institutional webpage featuring relevant gender equality actions. You can discover the complete set of CALIPER actions in the project’s website

ViLabs works in parallel for assisting partners to enhance and sustain their gender equality measures  as well as the bonds that were created during the CALIPER journey. With the overarching goal of reducing disparities among research institutions in the field of gender equality in research and innovation, ViLabs can support your organisation to design and implement an inclusive and sustainable gender equality strategy and assist you in every step of the process for setting up your inclusive GEP, namely from analysing and assessing the current state-of-play in your organisation, to the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of your GEP.

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