Gender Equality Plan

ViLabs adopts a Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

ViLabs has just published its GEP, that has developed and proudly adopted the last year, based on existing policies and activities that were already estab;lished in the company, the last 5 years.

The present GEP translates ViLabs commitment to the promotion of gender equality setting it into an explicit goal. The GEP foresees the implementation as well as well the monitoring and evaluation of specific intersectional gender equality actions around five thematic areas: 1. Organisational Governance, Human Resources, Organisational Communication, Research and Gender/Sexual Harassment.

These actions enabled already the transformation of the organisation’s workplace, and continue to maintain it, into a truly inclusive place where everyone can thrive!

ViLabs GEP was formulated on the basis of a gender equality assessment undertaken in collaboration by the Gender Expert, Kyriaki Karydou and ViLabs COO, Vasiliki Moumtzi.

Gender equality is a key expertise of ViLabs with a longstanding experience in coordination and management of gender equality projects under the SWAFs programme (H2020) promoting gender equality in research and innovation such as EQUAL-IST, CALIPER & GE ACADEMY.

Thus, ViLabs can share its experience and expertise with other organisations that are interested in developing a GEP.

For more information, please contact Kyriaki Karydou (

Read our Gender Equality Plan

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