Gender Analysis

Towards an equal and inclusive society!

By supporting you to:

  • Pursue gender equality in your organization,

  • Obtain the excellence and quality of inclusive research and innovation!


Working with gender mainstreaming is an essential task, representing one of the most critical challenges modern organisations faces. Equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities in a holistic approach can enhance gender equality in organisations, research centres and research projects, in line with the three main objectives of the European Research Area (ERA) and the European Commission for fostering equality in the scientific disciplines, achieving the balance between members in decision-making bodies and gender mainstreaming in research.

ViLabs provides dedicated consulting services for achieving gender equality that consist of:

  • Design tailored gender equality strategies to address gender issues within an organization.
  • Assist in integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation, at all stages of project
  • Gender analysis of methodologies and data interpretation in clinical trials and medical interventions.
  • Preparation of online and on-site capacity-building sessions and training on gender issues.
  • Support the compliance of public bodies to meet the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) criterion to be eligible for funding

ViLabs has longstanding experience in coordination and management of gender equality projects under the H2020 programme, promoting gender equality in research and innovation through the following EU-funded projects:

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