FIERCE: This kick-off meeting was a blast!

On the 27th and 28th of September, the FIERCE* consortium successfully had its first physical meeting. ViLabs, as the coordinator of the project, warmly welcomed the 11 organisations from 8 different countries in Thessaloniki, Greece, for a two-day ideas-exchanging and brainstorming meeting on the FIERCE project. It was an honor to host not only our partners, but also members from the European Commission, as well as members of our “sister” projects.

All 25 partners attending the meeting brought their expertise and experience around the table and communicated their opinions in such a fruitful and constructive way throughout the two days of the kick-off event. Even though the concept of this meeting was mainly to come together as a team and get familiar with the project tasks, all partners went beyond its scope having in-depth intellectually stimulating discussions setting the ground for the upcoming activities.

We, as ViLabs, are glad to be part of this community that aims to achieve a more democratic and gender-equal Europe and we look forward to the three years ahead of us. We have rolled our sleeves and we are ready to work!

*FIERCE is an EU funded project under the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme, aiming at providing knowledge and tools to revitalize alliances between the feminist movement, civil society and political decision makers in a context of growing social inequalities, political disaffection and strengthening of populist radical right anti-gender actors and discourses.

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