Funding Scheme

RIA – Research and Innovation Actions

Project Number


Starting Date

1 September 2022


36 Months



Feminist Movements Revitalizing Democracy in Europe

Project Description

The project’s main goal is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge and tools to revitalize alliance among feminist movement, civil society and political decision makers. FIERCE envisions to rekindle the movement-institution relationship by means of a multidimensional, bottom-up and impact-oriented approach.

To that aim, the FIERCE project will rely on a systematic construction of eight relevant case studies and a comparative dimension-driven analysis of gender policy issues in five selected areas (labour market, health and reproductive rights, LGTBQ+ rights, migration, gender-based violence). The eight countries that constitute the project’s eight case studies (Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey) have been selected following criteria of geographical balance, diversity of political, cultural contexts and welfare systems.

ViLabs Contribution

We are the project coordinator and the dissemination manager of the project’s results.

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