In ViLabs we acknowledge that innovation in the public sector can bring radical improvements to the quality and efficiency of public services, by encouraging the development and validation of breakthrough solutions. In this respect, ViLabs offers management services to support both sides of public authorities and start-ups to apply at Pre-Commercial Procurement (open PCP and PPI calls) that are running and support the public demand-driven innovation in Europe needed to close the gap between supply and demand for innovative ICT solutions.

Additionally, ViLabs provides also innovation support and exploitation services to sustain EU funded project results in public sector.

  • Innovation support and exploitation services

    ViLabs Co-founders, as two of the initiators of the eEnviPer project, has designed the business exploitation of one of the most promising e-Government environmental service over the cloud. eEnviPer supports a more transparent, accessible and efficient, environmental permits process by integrating existing complementary systems that support environment-related permit procedures and provide digital services for permitting authorities at different levels, enterprises, consulting services and civil society.