Europe supports the technology revolution of making the internet for people, which means that actions should reshape internet in a more human-centric way. Upcoming technologies should evolve artificial intelligence, improve the connection with the physical world, develop interactive technologies and immersive environments, and use the enormous networks of people and machines to strengthen people.

ViLabs following these principles offers its management, innovation support and exploitation and knowledge diffusion, software R&D, and impact assessment services to contribute to sustainable and inclusive societies.

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    Management services

    ViLabs as one of the initiators of the SavingFood project, is the Coordinator who runs the real implementation of the project.

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    Software R&D and innovation support and exploitation

    ViLabs has developed and maintained the project website and in collaboration with iMEC the SavingFood platform which ViLabs aims to sustain and replicate it in many different countries.

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    Impact assessment and knowledge diffusion services

    ViLabs is also the key responsible for increasing awareness around the SavingFood platform which aims to reduce food waste and fight hunger, in order to be adopted and maximise its impact.