Gender equality remains a challenge in Research and Innovation across Europe. European Union funds a series of research projects aiming to increase the participation of women in this sector, improve their careers prospects, the gender balance in decision-making bodies, the gender dimension in research content where relevant, and increase the quality and societal relevance of produced knowledge, technologies and innovations.

ViLabs offers management, knowledge diffusion, and innovation support and exploitation services to advance gender equality in Research and Innovation.

  • gender equality

    Management services

    ViLabs is the Coordinator who runs the real implementation of three projects: EQUAL-IST, CALIPER and GE-Academy

  • equalist leaflet

    Knowledge diffusion services

    ViLabs is the key responsible beneficiary to spread the word about the EQUAL-IST project’s impact on gender balance in research.

  • crowd equality platform

    Innovation support and exploitation

    ViLabs key priority is to sustain the Crowdsourcing platform beyond the end of the project, to be adopted by many more EU institutions across Europe.