The choice to focus on Health is formed by the ageing of the European population, an increasing disease burden and the fall-out from the economic crisis. In combination, these factors are jeopardising the sustainability and equity of European health and care systems, on which Europe already spends nearly 10% GDP.

ViLabs provides software R&D, impact assessment, management, knowledge diffusion, and innovation support and exploitation services oriented to:

  • more improved and personalized health and care delivery
  • older persons to remain active and healthy
  • prevention, detection and treatment of diseases
  • haivisio platform

    Software R&D services

    ViLabs has placed special efforts to develop the Community Building platform around the results generated by eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects. This platform is customised for the European funded project HAIVISIO.

  • haivisio event

    Knowledge diffusion services

    ViLabs has been leading the dissemination and communication activities of the HAIVISIO project, which Community Building platform is sustained and maintains a wide network of more than 1500 registered researchers, organisations, projects and project results active in the eHealth domain.

  • LLM care

    Innovation support and exploitation services

    ViLabs is also a business partner of the Medical Physics Laboratory at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, supporting the business exploitation of LLMCARE service which could be installed in individual homes, day care centres, or more formal medical settings, enabling the accident-free, personalized and monitored physical and cognitive training of its users.