Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups

Fostering fast-growing, financial support, market uptake and a potential scale-up of innovative Start-Ups and SMEs!


To act upon opportunities and encourage innovation, the European Commission places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and startups ecosystem,, by providing incentives, promoting, and facilitating companies and particularly SMEs, to turn their ideas into financial, cultural, or social value. The EU sees innovation and entrepreneurship as a strong accelerator to tackle societal challenges, create more products, services and jobs, so as to meet European needs and pave the way to a more innovative and competitive Europe.

ViLabs applies traditional and innovative methods, for entrepreneurial advancement:

  • Investigation and mapping of present challenges and tensions in the entrepreneurial world.
  • Analysis and assessment of market conditions and needs.
  • Market analysis and assessment of innovative products, services and projects.
  • Business planning of innovative products, services and projects.
  • Socio-economic analysis of innovative products, services and projects.
  • Customer feedback survey on innovative products, services and projects.
  • Impact assessment of innovative products, services, projects and results.
  • Co-design methods of innovative products, services and projects.
  • Human resources and sustainability assessment.

Related to Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Start-Ups, ViLabs offers the following services:

Relevant EU-funded projects

StartUp Lighthouse

Relevant Scientidic Publications and Initiatives


The Startup Europe Initiative (SE), run by the EC/DG Connect, where VILABS is active member and ambassador in Greece. It is comprised of:

  • The first wave of SE projects focused almost exclusively on connecting ecosystems and the different stakeholders. Over 700 startups became part of the network, primarily early stage and raising approximately 200€ million.
  • The second wave of SE projects, currently operating, shifted its focus to startups in the scale-up phase. Currently they interconnect more than 20 EU hubs, targeting 3400+ startups, involving 150+ corporates and 400+ investors.
  • SE grassroots initiatives (e.g.: (Startup Europe Week, European Makers Week, Startup Europe Awards, Startup Europe Comes to Universities, Accelerators Assembly, and the international initiatives such as South Med, Latam, Africa, etc) are community-driven initiatives that receive official recognition by Startup Europe.

The community built by the Startup Europe H2020 – IA 780738 Startup Lighthouse project, where VILABS is coordinator and it is comprised of around 200 deep tech (IoT, AI, eHealth, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Big Data, FinTech, Blockchain) startups and 50 startup ecosystems (accelerator, investors, incubator etc.

The community built by the Startup Europe H2020 – CSA 645497 WEHUBS project, whose network is managed by VILABS, and it is comprised of around 20 startup ecosystems and 100 startups led by women.

The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN), where VILABS is active member, that has around 150 business and Innovation centres and 100 organisations that support the development of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.

The F6S Network, the largest social network for Startups in World, with which VILABS is strategically collaborating. With over 3,000,000 profiles for the Startup/ SME community and more than 1,300,000 Startups, it currently supports the majority of the Startup/ SME ecosystem through deal flow/ applications, jobs listings, free services, communication forms, technology transfer infrastructure & other areas.

The Deep Dive Weeks, a ready to replicate programme offered by ViLabs based on the experience gathered from the implementation 9 Deep Dive Weeks in Europe for 120 startups on the forefront of mobility, IoT, travel, healthcare, smart cities, fintech, blockchain, analytics, gaming and edutech under the Startup Lighthouse project. The programme aims at introducing startups to a new ecosystem, getting to know the key players in the sector, generating business leads and potentially expanding into that market. A Deep Dive Week is a combination of sector-specific “softlanding”, acceleration and internationalization.

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