Innovative eHealth developments by supporting the integration of new technologies in restructured, citizen-centred health systems.


e-Health paves the way for restructured, citizen-centred health systems, while respecting the diversity of Europe’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual health care traditions. It can help deliver optimal, cost-effective care within citizen-centred health delivery systems, addressing major challenges that the health sector is currently facing. The main objective is to promote the development of tools, technologies and digital solutions for treatments, medicines, medical devices and improved health outcomes, taking into consideration safety, effectiveness, appropriateness, accessibility, comparative value-added and fiscal sustainability as well as issues of ethical, legal and regulatory nature. This relatively recent system supported by electronic processes and communications across all healthcare functions launches several operational tools and solutions for diverse groups of stakeholders, such as authorities and professionals, patients and citizens. There are many examples of successful e-Health developments including health information networks, electronic health records, telemedicine services, wearable and portable monitoring systems, and health portals, which can be effectively exploited through inclusive, secure and ethical development, delivery, integration and deployment in health policies and health and care systems.

ViLabs applies traditional and innovative methods, related to eHealth:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research, focusing on the needs of new eHealth applications
  • Investigation and mapping of present challenges and tensions in healthcare systems
  • Development of innovative approaches, toolkits, proposed policies, as well as institutional frameworks to enhance successful e-Health developments
  • Policy design and recommendations to improve, refine and reshape health public policies, with respect to fundamental human rights and ethics
  • Development of cost-effective and affordable tools, technologies and digital solutions for improved (personalised) disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring for better patient outcome and well-being, in particular through increasingly shared health resources (interoperable data, infrastructure, expertise, citizen/patient driven co-creation)

Related to Social Innovation, ViLabs offers the following services:

Relevant EU-funded projects

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