Cyber & Physical Secuirty

Reinforcing security by raising societal awareness, in both online and offline contexts!


Security is one of the main concerns for the EU’s citizens and is therefore among the top priorities for the Commission. While the threats of terrorism and crime against the EU remain serious, challenges like cyber-attacks are requiring coordinated responses and novel concepts. Illegal migration caused by ongoing insecurity and economic instability in the EU’s neighborhood as well as an increase of legal movements of persons and goods are requiring new technological solutions to allow for more efficient and better integrated border management. Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can put at risk important societal functions, such as health, energy supply and government.

ViLabs applies traditional and innovative methods, to address those challenges:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research, focusing on emerging political, social and cultural developments and phenomena
  • Analysis of historical, sociological and philosophical factors of security-related issues
  • Investigation and mapping of present challenges and tensions in the EU security domain
  • Literature review on past efforts and initiatives and mapping of needs and shortcomings
  • Development of innovative approaches, toolkits, proposed policies, as well as institutional frameworks to enhance political participation, social dialogue, civic engagement, anti-discrimination, inclusiveness and security education
  • Participatory and co-creation approaches, to enhance active engagement of interested parties, citizens, public actors and representatives and other stakeholders in security-related issues
  • Policy design and recommendations to improve, refine and reshape the accountability, transparency, effectiveness, and trustworthiness of institutions and public policies, with respect to fundamental human rights and ethics

Related to Cyber & Physical Secuirty, ViLabs offers the following services:

Relevant EU-funded projects


Relevant Scientidic Publications and Initiatives


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