Beyond 2022: Vilabs & WABLI at the heart of technology & innovation

The second consecutive organization of the international technology & innovation exhibition, Beyond 2022, has been successfully completed and of course, ViLabs was there! One thing is sure: we can’t wait for the next one!

The international stage for Industry in Southeastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the MENA region took place from September 29 to October 2, 2022, at the facilities of TIF-HELEXPO, in Thessaloniki.

More than 300 companies and organizations participated in this year’s event, including 100 startups, while numerous opportunities for extroversion and potential collaboration were provided in the field of B2B and B2G businesses.

The motto ‘Get Future Ready’ was heard loudly, and Beyond definitely aims at paving the way to the upcoming future of societies which certainly looks promising. The exhibition was consisted of three axes: startup companies, companies specializing in digital technology apps, research and academic institutions.

AI, cyber security, Web 3, virtual & augmented reality, Metaverse, Big Data, smart cities, the upgrading of digital governance, incentives for collaborations and investments prevailed in various interactive speeches, thematic panels, and workshops.

Of course, ViLabs with WABLI wouldn’t miss a thing! A stop at pavilion 14 enabled all interested individuals who visited stand 3 to visualize the evolution of their business through a new ground-breaking model for creating web apps, WABLI, which promotes easy, fast, and affordable solutions thanks to low code technology tools. The digital optimization and sustainability of SMEs and their services are changing radically bringing to the front the most effective and revolutionary means. And without a doubt WABLI is one of them!

We believe it’s not enough to build products that just work. Progress has to bring fun, excitement, and simplicity to the daily life of people by listening to their needs! It must cross paths with desirability, viability, and feasibility. That’ s why we intend to help you in turning your non-tech SME employees into software builders! You can do this thanks to WABLI! We facilitate SMEs to embrace new, turnkey technology solutions and revolutionize their services in a simple, customized, and sustainable way. We help employees develop skills and make your business thrive! Time to boost your productivity and reduce the expenses and the amount of code your developers need to write! Your journey to the future just gained the most powerful ally, WABLI!

Discover more about us by clicking on and find out more details, demos and all the amazing things WABLI can do for your business!

Just one last reminder! The next Beyond Exhibition is set for May 2023, focusing on the rise of sciences, digitization, and business within an international and even more qualitative operating framework where fertile ground is provided for the proper exploitation of every pioneering concept and product. So, your appointment with novelty and cutting-edge technology is already set! And ViLabs looks forward to meeting you there too!

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