Ada Pellumbaj

Communications Manager

Ada can support the impact maximization of your research and innovation outcomes.

Ada Pellumbaj (She/her) is a Communications Manager at ViLabs. She holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Media Communication from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and has a strong academic background in Communication Sciences. She has participated in numerous academic and research projects, such as the “70 years (1945-2015) of print advertisement in Greece” for the Institute of Communication in Greece and attended many national and international conferences and seminars about communications and the new media.

She can help you organize and implement a Dissemination and Communication Strategy for your project from the ground up, as well as support you throughout the execution of the exploitation activities for your project, ensuring that the products of your research reach all potential stakeholders. Currently, Ada is managing the dissemination and communication activities of VITALISE project and AI4PublicPolicy project.

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