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ViLabs is an SME dedicated to help business ideas to grow by providing a unique ecosystem of resources (human and financial), knowledge, facilities and support services.

It operates both as a research and innovation laboratory and as a start-up HUB in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We actively engage with other startup ecosystems, universities and governments to jointly develop and implement ICT projects and help innovative startups to scale up.

Through our involvement during the last decades in EU funded research and innovation projects, we have witnessed that promising scientific outcomes often fail to enter the market. On the one hand risks associated with scaling-up usually hinder real-scale demonstration of the viability and market potential of innovative solutions and on the other the lack of business and marketing experience of scientists and inventors also impede the uptake of promising research and innovation results.

In order to address these challenges ViLabs envisions to foster entrepreneurial thinking, bridging the gap between an idea conception to a product and/or service through the provision of a set of entrepreneurship and innovation support services. In this respect the main mission of ViLabs is to support scientists, technological startups and social entrepreneurs with a real impact potential to materialize their vision and move their idea from intention to practice.

Research areas

Our research fields of expertise.

Our projects

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ViLabs team members have built a strong experience and expertise in several research and Innovations topics, through their active participation in European and National funded projects. In all of these projects ViLabs has both fully or partially coordinated and managed the consortium building, proposal preparation and submission.

Horizon 2020 projects

FP7-CIP projects

Consulting Services

What we do.

Challenge is our motivation.

  • Proposal preparation

    Management, consortium building, concept evaluation, proposal writing & submission.

Innovation is our way.

  • Project management

    Administrative, financial and technical management.

Knowledge is our asset.

  • Scientific and technological support

    Scientific and technological expertise and knowledge on specific Research and Innovation areas.

Impact is our goal.

  • Funding

    Strong knowledge on all available national and EU funding programs to support research, innovation and business activities.

  • Evaluation and Impact assessment

    Considering economic, technological, political and social parameters and using quantitative and qualitative data analysis tools.

Our studies

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Entrepreneurship Services

What we do.

ViLabs operates both as a research and innovation laboratory and as a start-up HUB in the field of Information and Communication Technology. ViLabs helps business ideas to grow by providing a unique ecosystem of resources, facilities and support services to start-ups, inventors and social entrepreneurs to transform their ideas and inventions into successful businesses. It is actively engaged with start-up ecosystems, universities and governments to jointly develop and implement ICT projects and help innovative start-ups on the first stages to either introduce a prototype to the market or to scale-up.

Release your idea.

  • Advice and innovation support

    Meet the appropriate people to showcase your idea, receive advice and expand it into a feasible plan.

Develop and validate.

  • Facilities and resources

    Inspirational environment, experts support, community building, knowledge sources and equipment to realize your idea and the first steps of your startup.

Enter the market!

  • Business support services

    Practical help from business planning, to early marketing and fund raising, to help you get your plans off the ground through an early stage funding.

  • Our Business model

    All our services to companies and organisations are tailored to their needs and are charged in person/hours according to the difficulty and challenge of each case and the quality of experts that will be required.

Our start-ups

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Meet our awesome team.

ViLabs.eu employs high-skilled and experienced personnel as also young motivated researchers blended with an extensive network of external experts.

Our core team is comprised of administrative and secretarial personnel, software and computer engineers, scientists and business managers in expertise in a wider spectrum of disciplines. External experts cover all disciplines, research and business areas that are not known to us and are contracted to fill all the missing knowledge and capacity that our core team lacks.

Apostolos Vontas


Apostolos can help your project or idea, in resource allocation, team building and early marketing!

Apostolos Vontas is the co-founder and Director of ViLabs and in parallel a freelancer consultant in ICT research and innovation projects. He holds a University Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc in Management Information Systems. His past experience was as a senior project manager in the Research Programmes Division of ALTEC (2000-2010). Since 2000, he has scientifically supported but also coordinated over 15 projects, in FP6, FP7-ICT, eTEN and CIP-PSP for the provision of new, innovative services and products. His experience includes Business Deployment and Exploitation planning, early marketing and support for fund raising, as well as team building, by bringing together experts from different organisations and disciplines for developing a proposal, a project, a working team or an initiative. He has participated and organized a series of workshops and business events. He was a member of the scientific team for the provision of a study directly to the EC DG Information Society, on measuring the impact of the ICT R&D on the Innovation system of the regions and coordinated a “Study on the potential of the Living Labs approach including its relation to experimental facilities for future internet related technologies.

If you don’t find him at the office, he is probably playing with his kids or sailing somewhere in the Aegean sea

Vicky Moumtzi

Co-founder and Executive Manager

Vicky can help you expand your idea and technology and guide you through a real validation phase!

Vicky Moumtzi is the co-founder and Executive Manager at ViLabs and in parallel a freelancer consultant in ICT research and innovation projects. She is an Informatics and Communications engineer with a MSc degree and is working for more than 6 years as a Project Manager for EU research projects, in the field of ICT. She acquired highly specialized expertise in new information technologies, as well as managerial and communication skills by working in power management projects requiring concerted co-operation between multiple organizations and coordinating dynamic working groups.

She loves to travel and forgets her diet every time she visits a place.

Eirini Kalemaki

Project manager

Eirini can support you to develop and scale your idea into a business with a clear impact on society!

Eirini Kalemaki is project manager at ViLabs. She holds an MSc in International and European Studies from NKUA and a Bachelors Degree in South East European Studies from AUTH. Since 2011 she works as a consultant and researcher in technology and innovation policy projects.She has participated in the design, implementation, management and evaluation of innovation policies and strategies at European and national level as well as in the development of specific training material for the enhancement of SMEs in specific areas. Among others she is specializing in social innovation and social entrepreneurship and has a great interest in social finance and online networks for citizen engagement.

She likes to travel and she is passionate about people and initiatives that make our societies smarter and better.

Fotis Moumtzis

Senior Software Programmer

Fotis lives with a daily challenge of making ideas and designs technological feasible, building them up and ready to run!

Moumtzis Fotis is a Senior expert at ViLabs, working as Software project manager and computer engineer. He studied chemistry at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, though computer science won his interest from the early years of his life. He is working as a computer engineer and software developer for more than 12 years in many different platforms and carrying out several software development challenges. With the experience gained, he has the appropriate knowledge and capability to support Software project management in any ICT field. Co-operation, management skills, co-ordination of groups, optimized implementation solutions are some of his characteristics.

He loves cinemas, music and travelling abroad to far exotic distances of the world.

Sofia Kantsiou

Accounting and Financial Reporting Manager

Sofia can support the overall management and financial administration of your project!

Sofia Kantsiou is the Accounting and Financial Reporting Manager at Vilabs. She holds a University Degree in Accounting and Finance from University of Macedonia with specialization in Financial Economics. She has been working for 6 years as an accountant supporting both SMEs and big enterprises in Greece and for the last 4 years she has been working as an Accounting and Financial Reporting Manager supporting major EU-Funded projects. She is an expert on the Greek accounting system and has a very good knowledge of the financial management of EU research and innovation projects as well as of the preparation of realistic and feasible business plans. She can juggle multiple tasks and thinks outside the box. Since she is working nonstop from her 18th birthday, she constantly finds new and exciting ways to overcome her workaholism. The last years she has been passionate about theatre and participates in amateur theatre plays. She is a fan of healthy living and believes that laughter is the best medicine!

Vasia Madesi

Junior Project Manager

Vasia can enhance your organization impact and dissemination strategy!

Vasia is a junior project manager at ViLabs. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences from AUTH. She currently studies for an MSc in Political Theory and Philosophy also in AUTH. Her first experience with EU research projects started during her internship at the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia. She has participated in the preparation and implementation of several EU projects. Since then she has worked for a start up as a political research analyst and also as a research assistant in AUTH for the Hellenic Voter Study.

She enjoys reading literature and cooking for her friends. Travelling around the world is always an appealing idea to her.


An extensive network of business experts, IT professionals and investors to enhance the entrepreneurship support services offered.

ViLabs directly benefits by networking with several EU projects, by exploiting business collaborations, enlarging the collaboration network and keeping track of the ICT state of the art in the European Union.


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